Suicidal behavior refers to talking about or taking actions related to ending one’s own life. Suicidal thoughts and behaviors should be considered a psychiatric emergency. Suicidal tendencies comes with warning signs such as threats or comments about killing themselves, social withdrawal from friends and family, Increased alcohol or drug use, aggressive behaviour, impulsive of reckless behavious, talking or writing about death and dramatic mood swings.

Tratment: When an individual seeks treatment for suicidal ideation, doctors / psychiatrist will likely attempt to diagnose and treat any medical or psychiatric conditions that may be present. Because a variety of concerns may lead one to experience thoughts of suicide, diagnosing any health concerns, physical or mental, is considered to be an important step in the treatment process. Some individuals may obtain benefit from psychotropic medications, which might be prescribed temporarily along with therapy. In cases of severe suicidal behavior, or when an individual reaches a point of crisis, hospitalization or intense in-patient or out-patient treatment may be necessary. Because suicidal ideation may lead to deteriorating physical health or self-injury, medical treatment may also be necessary for some individuals.